Saturday, December 4, 2010

Season 2

I've been referring to my current play as "Season 2." Season 1, as it shall retroactively be known, took an ever-expanding group of players into Stonehell, where they explored roughly 1/8 of the first level and two rooms on the second. It's a pretty rad dungeon. At our peak, the group consisted of four couples and a guy who flew in from the East Coast to hang with us. Shortly after he flew back, every one of the four couples broke up, one after the other like some crazy dominoes trick. Naturally, the motivation to continue gaming was pretty weak.

So, roughly a year after the dissolution of "the Stonehell campaign," one of my original players and I were reminiscing about the fun times, and decided to try and stir things up again. He wound up bringing a couple of new players, and we all had a good time. We decided to meet again the following week, and pulled one of our co-workers into orbit. Now, the word seems to be spreading. A few other co-workers have asked if they could sit in on a game, somebody's girlfriend wants to watch (and, we're all guessing, talk herself into joining in), and I've started mapping out the next few levels.

So, we're not going back to Stonehell (at least, not yet), and only one of the original players has returned. So how do I justify calling this a continuation of the same campaign?


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