Thursday, February 16, 2012

Supporting Cast: Incanus

Incanus is not amused by your tomfoolery.
Gaius Incanus Figulus is a wizard of the Order of the Silent Circle, and mentor to Bill. In traditional Tyrhennean fashion, he goes by Incanus to all but his closest friends and family members. Even his former apprentices are kept at a rather formal arm's length. He is known in Blackhart's barony as a scholar of some breeding but unexceptional wealth, and his wizardry is not widely known. He upholds the principle that the needs of the community outweigh those of the individual. He's also an expert on fine wines, and maintains a respectable collection.

Incanus is of somewhat imposing presence and sober demeanor, with little appreciation for frivolity. He is diplomatic, compassionate to those in need, but harsh with those who who cause trouble, even to themselves. He has an unfortunate jealous streak, a miserly attachment to money, and a tendency to covet what others possess, but is a truthful man and always gives the gods their due.

Incanus is an expert linguist. In addition to the common tongue and his native Tyrhennean, he is fluent in the languages of Teyzir, ancient Arkhemea, and the Kruthar barbarians, as well as the tongues of both Dark Faeries and Water Faeries, and the arcane tongues of Thiolain and Cydereal.

He is trained in the swordsmanship of the noble class, and Bill can confirm that Incanus casts spells of at least the third rank.


  1. I feel like this is the look Bill gives me all the time when I do stupid stuff.

  2. Man, if he's the only one giving you that look on a given day, mark that in your calendar.