Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Apparently I suck at blogging

In fact, I've been needing a break from running the campaign. Even with a rules-light approach like vintage D&D offers, I still find that I need to invest a good deal of energy in to the game - detailing new dungeon levels and running the encounters is a helluva lot easier than in a lot of systems I've tried, but I still burn up plenty of mental energy in the process.

Well, that and playing the roommate shuffle, sorting out the new finances, getting back in touch with old friends, and trying to develop a stable schedule with my girlfriend now that she's both moved in and working regularly. You know, all that "life" stuff.

So I've been a little more enthusiastic about pick-up kind of games, like Magic, Bang, or Small World. I've also been thinking of occasionally dipping into some other games for a one-shot kind of thing, like having  a game of TSR's classic Marvel Superheroes one night, or playing out a Savage Worlds one-sheet scenario, or something.

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