Monday, June 15, 2015

Meditating upon the Blue Star

This is just a bit of fluff for Caelia, the cleric in our new delving team. 

When Caelia meditates, she is trained to meditate upon the image of a Blue Star. This is considered symbolic of the natural order of the cosmos. The lines, points, and vertices of the shape correspond with the humors and energy centers of the body, with the different facets of the awakened mind, and with the spheres and planes of the cosmos. It's a bit like the Kabbalistic Tree of Life, y'see.

It is through this meditation that the cleric aligns her internal energies in accord with the greater forces of the cosmos, enabling her to channel the invisible radiance that is bane to daemon and undead alike. Caelia is trained to meditate as a daily practice. She envisions the Blue Star, she recites the litany that names the spheres and segments of which the Blue Star is composed. She visualizes the correspondences and contemplates how her body and mind connect with each other and with the greater cosmic forces.

All that changed last night. Or nine days ago. Both. For the first time, she did not need to project the memorized diagrams onto the Star in her mind's eye. For the first time she did not need to visualize the correspondences one by one. Instead she perceived them as vividly as she might see her own hand in front of her face. She was marveling at this epiphany, afloat in the timeless abyss of soft blue radiance, as beyond her physical form the days slid heedlessly by.

But both rewardingly and maddeningly, Caelia came to realize that she had ventured into the shallowest waters of a great ocean. She could now perceive that there are deeper levels of revelation encoded in the Blue Star. The way its aspects interconnect, the way correspondences layer upon one another, all of this became preciously perceptible and yet tantalizingly beyond her sight.

If she is to continue this process of revelation, she must continue her crusade against the forces of Chaos and the unnatural things that lurk beyond the borders of civilization. She must continue to win glory for the name of sainted Alcidine and the sacred order that preserves his mission.

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