Friday, January 20, 2012

The Alicorn Spear - the Artifact

The Alicorn Spear is an artifact weapon best used in the hands of a cleric, but of some use to a magic-user of the order of Wizardry.

The spear has a +1 bonus to attack and damage rolls. This bonus improves to +2 against the undead. Like any spear, it can be used to fight from the second rank. However, the spear's greatest quality is as an implement of healing.

A cleric or wizard holding the spear can heal wounds with a touch, as the cure spell. Any individual can benefit from this power only once per day, and the power is limited. The healing touch can be used only thirty times before it is exhausted. Fortunately, a cleric or wizard can restore this power via sacred rites, but this requires six days and 3,000 silver worth of ritual components.

The spear's aura interferes with sorcery and most other forms of magic, but wizards and clerics have no difficulty with their spellcraft. However, a wizard's arcane aura will interfere with the spear's attack and damage bonus.

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