Monday, January 30, 2012

Room & Board

If you've been wanting a house like this, then this is the house for you!
Up to this point, I've been charging my players a flat rate of 1 silver coin per day for room & board. Any treasure they were not carrying on their persons could be stored in the village treasury, with a 10% surcharge  (also noteworthy, I use a silver standard for this campaign).

The food & services chart from Keep on the Borderlands suggest that 1 sp would cover a private room at an inn, but since I assume my PCs are eating, (and since this podunk village doesn't have a proper traveler's inn), I assume that they're just renting a little space in the common room of the tavern. That would be 1 cp; with the remaining 9, they could afford stew, beer, bread, cheese, and fruit for dinner, with leftovers for breakfast and dungeon rations for lunch. And this is the cheap beer, pretty much just water with enough alcohol content to make it safe to drink - so pretty much your typical American beer, I guess.

A number of the PCs actually have family in town and maybe had their lodging sorted out, and they may have been eating better, but were also contributing to the family expenses, so I rule that it evens out.

Now, Ash, Bill, and Svaarden saved up enough money to buy houses, which is a good investment. A house is 500 sp, fully furnished, and allows PCs to store their treasure hoards with no additional fees. Having a pantry and an address also makes shopping a bit cheaper: 20 sp a month should do. Wow! You're saving 8 sp a month, plus 10% of the grocery money - the house will pay for itself in just four years! What a deal!

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